You are invited to attend our free meetings and events. Our purpose is to learn and share information about healthy, plant-centered food choices. We explore plant-based food topics, share recipes, sample dishes, plus lots more!


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3-Month Prescription for Optimizing Your Health**

  • Wed., JANUARY 13, 7-8 pm. Healthy Gut: Healthy Body with Natalie Gentile, MD, owner/sole physician at Gentile Family Direct Primary Care, a membership-based primary care practice serving all ages; provides whole-person care with a focus on lifestyle medicine. Register here.

  • Wed., JANUARY 27, 7-8 pm. ‘Healthy Gut’ Red Lentil Soup cooking demonstration with Brittany Jaroudi, developer of WFPB recipes @ The Jaroudi Family YouTube cooking channel. Register here.


  • Wed., FEBRUARY 10, 7-8 pm. Plant-Powered: Activating Metabolism to Reduce/Reverse Diabetes & Obesity with Sandra Sobel, MD, Internal Medicine, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Metabolism & Lifestyle Medicine. Clinical Asst. Professor Medicine, Depart. of Endocrinology, and Clinical Chief Endocrinology Mercy Hospital, UPMC. Register here.

  • Wed., FEBRUARY 24, 7-8 pm. Rice & Bean Bake (SOS-free) cooking demonstration with Leslie Leopardi, Certified Detoxification Specialist/owner of Hol-Tox, & Kevin Kaiser. Register here.

  • Wed., MARCH 10, 7-8 pm. Mindfulness, Meditation, & Changing Habits with Sally Lipsky, PhD, plant-based nutrition educator & author. Register here.

  • Wed., MARCH 24, 7-8 pm. From Root Vegetables to Spring Vegetables cooking demonstration with WFPB cook Linda JonesRegister here.


* The Happy Vegan has partnered with us for this series. For each presentation, everyone who signs up will receive a coupon code for 25% OFF your purchase of NOTCHO NOCHEEZ™ dairy-free cheese dip! [Coupon code will be emailed to registrants the day after each presentation.]

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Pgh. SOUTH Meeting: Naomi Herman, leader []

Pgh. EAST Meeting: Sally Lipsky, leader []

Pgh. NORTH MeetingDominic Brandy, leader []

Pgh. CITY Meeting: Natalie Gentile, leader []

Pittsburgh, PA