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  1. What Is Plant-Based Eating?

  2. Cancer and Food: Why Plant-Based Eating Is Vital

  3. What Plant-Based Eating Is Not: Myths and  Misconceptions

  4. Food: New Perspectives and New Habits

  5. Meal Prep: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

  6. Shopping Tips

  7. Making Food More Nourishing

  8. Work, Travel, Dining Out

  9. Holidays, Celebrations, Social Situations

  10. Stress and Comfort Foods

  11. Find a Like-Minded Community

  12. Use These Resources

      Sample Plant-Based Recipes

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch and Dinner

  • Dressings, Dip, and Spreads

  • Desserts and Snacks

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Book Club Award

Interview Mainstreet Vegan Podcast

Foreword by Nelson Campbell, Director PlantPure Nation & Founder of PlantPure, Inc.

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Why Sally Wrote this Book

Like most cancer patients, I had little knowledge about the powerful link between food choices and cancer. Only after diagnosis did I begin learning about how certain foods can help to prevent, fight, and even reverse various cancers. And this vital information did not come from my physicians, nurses, hospital dieticians, or other healthcare practitioners. Nor did it come from often conflicting and confusing headlines in mass media. I had to dig for this information. And I don’t want other cancer survivors to have to dig for the same information. 


Why Read this Book

This book introduces you to the “what/why/how’s” of plant-centered eating. You'll learn what a plant-centered diet consists of and why eating whole plant foods maximizes healing and health. Importantly, you'll learn how to incorporate plant-based eating into your daily routine. With real-world situations and convenience in mind, the book focuses on step-by-step change as you create healthy, lifelong eating habits. Included are recipes, practical tips, and helpful suggestions from other plant-based eaters.


Even if you aren’t touched by cancer, you'll appreciate the author’s practical, common-sense approach toward adopting the diet that best promotes long-term health and well-being.

Amazon Reviews
  • "A wonderful, informative book! Straightforward and full of important information - a great book to share with others. Thank you are inspiring!!"
  • “... the perfect way to enter the world of plant-based eating in a clear, convincing, thorough but concise manner. Her own story along with her many personal suggestions gives the reader a guided approach to beginning and sustaining the practice  of plant-based eating. You can read this book in a day, but will want to savor each section and then reread it and keep it as a resource.”

  • “You feel you have taken a course from a master! ... An easy read for anyone interested in making a significant change in their overall health."

  • "This book could be titled 'Survivors' Bible.' It is the why and how for anyone who wants to give them-selves the gift of good health and energy. I purchased several to give as gifts."

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